Every time you get a new shared website hosting, it's created on a server and the overall process typically takes some time, not mentioning the confirmation and processing of your transaction, which most companies execute personally. When you get a dedicated server, for example, the installation takes even longer because the unit needs to be built, installed and tried so as to make sure that it'll operate properly. By reason of this, various suppliers have a one-time charge to cover the time and efforts spent on your brand new account. The charge, which can sometimes be quite high, is generally not mentioned on the front page, but you'll notice it on the checkout or payment page, thus you won't be aware of it before you have already gone through the entire registration process and you can even miss it unless you pay close attention.
Setup Fee in Shared Website Hosting
We do not charge anything on top of the price of the shared website hosting that you select, which means that you will not have to pay any sort of set-up fees or any other fees different from what you have already noticed on our front page. We think that being honest to our customers is of crucial importance for building a long-term business relationship, that's why we'll never expect you to pay concealed charges of any sort, particularly for something that is close to entirely automated and normally takes a couple of minutes to be completed by our system. You won't pay installation costs even if you acquire numerous accounts plus they'll all be completely active straight away, so you can start taking care of your web sites. The full amount of money that you will have to pay for all of our packages is the same that you will find on our main page.
Setup Fee in Semi-dedicated Hosting
Our semi-dedicated server packages do not have any sort of setup charges, so when you acquire your new account, your total fee for the very first month is identical for the future renewals. Considering the fact that it takes us a few min to set up and activate your new semi-dedicated account, we think that it would not be right to charge you something for that. You will see the exact same amount on our front page, on the payment page and also on your bank or PayPal statement and you will never need to pay any extra costs. If you have a standard shared website hosting account with our company and you want a more powerful solution, we can even move all of your data to the new semi-dedicated account cost-free.
Setup Fee in VPS Hosting
Although installing a virtual private server takes some time and efforts, we'll never ask you for any installation costs even if you obtain a couple of servers at one time. When you register, you'll need to pay solely the standard monthly cost for the chosen plan and we will build the VPS, set up its Operating System, hosting Control Panel and software package (web server, MySQL, FTP) without further cost. The renewal fees for the subsequent months are exactly the same as the initial signup fee. We are aware that getting another client that trusts us is way more important than receiving a small one-time charge, therefore if you obtain a virtual server from us, you may never have any hidden fees.
Setup Fee in Dedicated Web Hosting
With a dedicated server purchased from our company, you shall never see any hidden charges and you will never need to pay any setup charges. The price of the plan you have picked is listed on our website and it is the one price that you'll see on both the order and the payment pages. We consider that having a new customer and creating a long-year partnership is more important than asking you for a few extra dollars, that's why we'll build the machine, set up all of the necessary software and try it totally free of charge. We'll even transfer all of your info absolutely free in case you already own a shared hosting plan through our company and you want to migrate to a dedicated server that is obtained with the Hepsia hosting Control Panel.